As a highly effective senior user experience researcher with deep expertise in mixed-methods qualitative and experimental research, I enjoy leveraging what I know about AI and robotics, virtual reality, game design, learning and motivation to new technologies and innovation.

I believe that you don't have to be a trained researcher to deeply understand your users. However, you do need a plan to acquire data that will drive downstream decision-making. For the past decade, I have helped consumer electronics, enterprise and research groups develop strategic plans for data collection, which validated ideas, and ultimately chose the direction that improved the bottom line.

Having expertise managing people and projects, I love to be in the center of action, where innovation and research meets the road. When I'm not bringing people together I enjoy dancing, house reno projects, eating my way through a city, a fine cup of joe and kittens.

I'm an innovator and researcher that guides companies to create evidence-based experiences that matter. I'd love to chat about ways we can collaborate.

Below you will find my portfolio of work in areas of user experience research, management, and communications.


Explore past works with a focus on user experience at startup Career & Company, usability and interaction testing of PlanetZ, an educational game to teach statistics, and a number of website redesign projects.


While managing a cross-disciplinary team of safety researchers, view highlighted projects that optimized participant recruitment efforts, improved data extraction from complex VR testing equipment, and helped improve cycling safety for children and adults.

Megan is a self-starter, effective organizer and leader of projects and has the ability to work seamlessly on cross-functional, cross-departmental teams. She helps bridge gaps in knowledge, workflows, and strategic time lining.
— Annette Beck, Director at Enterprise Instructional Services, Information Technology Services, The University of Iowa